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Learning is always more fun when it is adventurous so we may take field trips to locations like Calkins Nature Center or even to a participating family's backyard.  Guest speakers entertain our children with classes on butterflies, dog training, basic cake decorating, photography, and many other interesting topics.  Our own volunteer teachers have captivated the kids with learning about other countries while being introduced to their culture through games, clothing, and, of course, food.  Our high school students have been introduced to being yearbook editors & designers, personal finance, and pie making.  Our goal is to offer a variety of topics from year to year.

Weather permitting, our younger grades can enjoy P.E. in the great outdoors; the gym can also be used if the weather is inclement. 

During the spring semester, music is often heard coming from the K-3rd classroom as they learn a song to perform at the Spring program.  Our little ones enjoy performing for their families at this concert.  Any student who would like to share an instrumental or vocal piece may participate.


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