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HCHE Code of Conduct

The Hardin County Home Educators (HCHE) has grown from a modest number of home school families several years ago to more than thirty active families today.  With growth comes the need to formalize the identity and values of the group so that those participating and those considering membership can understand what is expected and acceptable.  The group’s code of conduct is not meant to define how each family should raise their children, but the guidelines set forth below allow for the greatest number of our members to stay true to their convictions and consciences while participating.  It is vital to the unity of this group that parents explain the purpose of these rules to their children and support the code of conduct in their words and actions (cf. Romans 14:1ff, Galatians 5:13, 14; Hebrews 13:17).  With this in mind, while participating in HCHE education classes, field trips, tournaments and all other HCHE activities, we will encourage and expect our children and all members to:


Show respect for authority, which will include:

  • Listening to the adult leader when (s)he is speaking and not participating in any negative or disruptive talking or behavior.

  • Always speaking courteously with any and all adults.

  • Following the instructions and directions of any activity leader, coordinator, assistant or adult  helper.

  • Staying in the area where the class or activity meets.  Any leader, coordinator or assistant will be glad to direct children to where they should be, and has a responsibility to do so.

  • For education classes: Playing in the gym only during scheduled times or at the discretion of the education committee.

  • For all activities:  Following the posted guidelines without argument.

Show respect for others, which will include:

  • Speaking courteously at all times to all adults and children present.

  • Never participating in any fighting, hitting, kicking, or in any way causing physical harm to any other person.

  • Promoting lifestyles biblically consistent to Godly values.

  • Not engaging in crude, vulgar, backbiting, slanderous, divisive or rude conversation at any time for any reason.  This includes swearing and name-calling.

  • Not taking the Lord’s name in vain.

  • Showing genuine appreciation for the hard work of others.

  • Wearing only modest attire.  Apparel such as short shorts, tight-fitting clothing, garments with low necklines, spaghetti straps, anything that would allow undergarments or midriffs to show, or any clothing or accessories advocating worldliness, evil or the occult will not be considered appropriate. Tight fitting/spandex yoga pants are not permitted and any shorts or skirts worn must be no shorter than 3" above the knee (the width of a dollar bill). Any student not meeting our dress code requirements will be asked to leave the HCHE function to return home and change.

  • Not bringing any tobacco, alcohol products, illegal drugs or weapons (including jackknives, pocketknives, or anything with a likeness to guns or any other weapons).

  • Listening to music only during non-class times, and only on headphones.

  • Electronic devices used only for emergency or parental contact.

  • Not engaging in intimate talk or behavior with or about the opposite sex at any time, including all public displays of affection between boyfriends and girlfriends.

Show respect for property, which will include:

  • Using only the rooms or areas in which classes or activities are being held.  Students should not be outside the building or anywhere else in the building without adult supervision and parental permission.

  • Putting trash in its proper place.

  • Not leaving the classroom or building without the permission of the adult in charge.

  • Never defacing or damaging any property.

  • Keeping food and drinks (with the exception of water) in the lunchroom area during ed classes.


The HCHE Code of Conduct is designed to provide an atmosphere where the convictions of our members are honored and respected.  Disregard of these policies may result in a verbal warning.  If the parents are on hand, they will be contacted personally.  Further infraction(s) of the policies may lead to a suspension of the child(ren) from HCHE activities by those in charge.  Additional violations may result in the dismissal of that child or those children from HCHE for the remainder of the school year and may prompt a meeting of the board with the child(ren)’s parents.  We want to reflect the standards of children raised in Godly homes, so parents should expect to be contacted when their child(ren) has (have) displayed disrespectful or disruptive behavior.  We are aware that parents want to be informed of any misconduct or poor attitudes on the part of their child(ren) to correct and teach through the situation.  Certainly, we all are praying for spiritual and personal maturity in the lives of our children.

Questions or discrepancies will be referred to the Board for a final decision.

Revised 3-8-14

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