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How do you define homeschooling?

Homeschooling is defined as any family who has submitted the required forms to the state and/or school district in which the students are involved in Competent Private Instruction or Independent Private Instruction under Iowa Code Section 299.

What are the beliefs of your group?

Our group is a Christian homeschooling group.  We believe in the authority of God and the ultimate truths in the Bible.  To be eligible for membership, you must either be in a family unit defined as a legal union between one man and one woman with your child(ren) or as a single parent and your child(ren).  No parent living a homosexual lifestyle or cohabiting shall be eligible for membership. Please refer to our Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct, and History pages for more details.

How can I become a member?

A membership application must be completed.  Please contact us via our Contact Us page.

If I join your group, how is communication handled?

You will be on our group email loop and also receive an e-newsletter.  Parents are responsible for checking the newsletter and email group before each Ed Class for supplies that your child may need to bring to class.  An account can also be created on our website and upon approval you will have access to the members only area. 

What level of participation do you expect from members?

Your family will be expected to help with cleaning at Ed Classes and special events that your child may be participating in (plays, spring program, etc.)  After the first year, you will be asked to help serve in a larger capacity (teaching, board, yearbook, field trip coordinator, etc.)  Our group is a little like a buffet – you can participate a lot or just a little. If all you want to do is come to parent meetings and have your children’s school pictures taken, you could do that or if you only want to participate in field trips, that is OK.  Please Contact Us with further questions.


What do you expect from parents during Education Classes?

  • Parent helpers are present at Ed Classes to assist the teachers in any way that they need help.

  • Help with crowd control, keeping noise and movement among the students to a minimum (when applicable) or at least under control.

  • On craft days or when we have hands-on activities, more help is needed to assist the younger students with the projects.  Parents are encouraged to sign-up for as many days as possible to ensure our students will get the most out of the planned activities.

  • All parents are required to help out several times during the year, unless they are teaching classes.

  • Parent helpers need to check in with the teacher before each class period to find out specific instructions for helping in the class.

  • Help students move from room to room QUIETLY in an orderly manner, line-up, climbing the stairs to the right, not running, pushing, or shoving.  Give permission at your discretion for bathroom privileges.

  • Help students get settled in each room at the beginning of class either on chairs or the floor or whatever they need.

  • Ask children to be quiet when the teacher is talking.

  • Separate students that are having conflicts.

  • Set up/take down chairs and tables as needed for each class period (check with the teacher).

  • Help put away any materials and straighten room after the class period.


What do you expect from students during Education Classes?

  • Please encourage your child(ren) to:

  • Use the bathroom and get a drink BEFORE class (K-3 especially).

  • Sit quietly and attentively, participating in class discussion as the teacher requests.

  • Be attentive.

  • Help pick up their table space when they complete projects (i.e., pick-up paper scraps, put away the supplies they bring, etc.)

  • Have an assigned place for their supplies when finished with a class.


Who is eligible for participation in Sports?

Generally we offer sports from grades 4 through 12.  We hope to offer volleyball and basketball this year (depending on student/parent interest). For more information, please visit here: Sports.


How do I contact someone with general inquiries?

Please refer to our Contact Us page.

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